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I was keen on journeys and adventure since I was a boy, reading Walter Bonatti’s reports on the most backword countries of the world.

My first reflex camera I bought in 1977 when I began to study photographic techniques mostly referring to National Geographic reporters.

Throughout my life, working as civil engineer in several countries of the world, I nourished a passion for  “telling by images”, portraying landscapes, people  and habits very different from the ones we are used to in our daily lives in western cities.

Keen on sea and sailing as well, I dedicated a great part of my free time, for more than ten years, to underwater photography, diving in several coral barriers and experimenting with  shooting in artificial light.

In 2007   I retired and ever since I dedicate myself to journeys and photography all over the world, especially in Africa and Asia; I travel overseas to find cultural contrasts, to visualize their contents and to sensitize the public of their great value in the global intercultural integration process currently in progress.

Love for nature and especially for animals, helped me to discover the means of communication between man and wild animals, based on reciprocal curiosity and respect.

This learning process enabled me to shoot close ups of gorillas, lions, cheetahs, leopards, monkeys and big herbivores in their daily life, undisturbed by human presence and by the “click” of shutter.


  • 2011: second best in “Telos Foundation” exhibition;
  • 2013: first personal exhibition “Memorie di Viaggio” in Rome; finalist in 2012 international “Oasis” contest; ranked first in editorial classification – Animals Category – of the National Geographic international contest; member of Best Top Photographers Group.
  • 2014: finalist with two shots and two special nominations in 2013 international “Oasis” contest; second personal exhibition “Memorie di Viaggio” in Voghera.
  • 2015: ranked first as photographer, in “Openart 2015” in Rome; article “Amare gli animali” published in theweb magazine “Photosophia” March issue; third and fourth personal exhibitions “Memorie di Viaggio” in Caltanissetta and Siracusa; fifth personal exhibition at Sanremo Casinò; ranked first, division “Yellow”, in photo contest “Immagini” organized by association “Orizzonte e cultura” in Quarrata (PT).


      A horse with no name - America

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