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Pictures of the images you see in the “Galleries” of this website are on sale.

In this page you find the standards and the guarantees of pictures; if you are interested to buy one or more pictures, please use the “Contact” page, specifying the Gallery, the code number (ex.: Animals – TA_0672), the size and any other note or request.


1_ Pictures on sale have been shot and worked out by Mario Pelillo (the “Artist” in the following), who holds, after the sale of the picture as well, the exclusive right to reproduce the represented image and to publish it on paper as well as on web (Copyright).

2_ Every picture is printed on photographic paper and stuck on a Forex / Sandwich panel, depending from the dimensions of the picture; different ways of printing and materials (direct print on Forex, prints on special papers) can be performed at the request of the client, under his own responsibility about the quality of result; it is understood that the artist will guarantee that requested special print will be worked at the best in a highly qualified laboratory.

3_ Standard dimensions of pictures are (in cm) 24 x 36, 30 x 45, 40 x 60; it will be possible to print images in different (or larger) dimensions only if possible without any loss of quality.

4_ A warranty will be provided together with pictures, about the maximum number of copies that can be sold out and therefore about the maximum number of copies potentially in circulation; that number is symbolized by a fraction where the numerator symbolizes the number of the picture on sale and the denominator symbolizes the maximum number of legal copies potentially in circulation, as usually used for lithographs; in consequence of that, the price of standard copies doesn’t varies as a function of picture dimensions.

5_ A warranty will be provided together with pictures, against every kind of deterioration or damage due to any reason in any time: by giving back the deteriorated or damaged  picture, it will be replaced by a new identical one, at the price of production (printing, panel, bonding) and mailing costs only; replacement will be possible only after the return of the damaged picture, showing on the back the signature of the artist.

6_ Packing and mailing costs are always on charge of the client.

7_ Booking of a picture is effective only after payment on account of the 30% of agreed price and after having receipt a document proving that the payment of the account has been done; both payments, on account and in settlement, can be made by wire transfer in advance or by cash; only the payment in settlement can be made by cash on delivery.

8_ Every picture is signed by the artist on the back by permanent marker and it is sold  together with a certificate, signed as well by the artist, reporting the following information:

  • Title of the picture
  • Place and date of the shot
  • Number of the print compared to the maximum number of allowed legal prints to be sold (ex. 5/30)
  • Warranty against deterioration and damage, as shown at point 5.
  • Copyright formula.

9_ Every picture sold out, will be accompanied by a receipt signed by the artist.

10_ The client will do his best, in his own interest and under his responsibility, to prevent that the picture will be photographed by anyone, to avoid illegal reproductions.


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